Please find characteristics and measurements of various rollerski frames and their actual specifications which usually is hard to find even on manufacturer’s websites.

I assume that manufacturers hide this information from consumers to avoid any confusions/questions from impulse buyers. But specs are important to athletes. Especially wheelbase. Many manufacturers provide wrong wheelbase measurement or provide “frame lenght” measurement in specification, which has no actual value.

I do believe that rollerskis with best specifications should win, not marketing dept. Updated on 14.06.2021.

In order to add your rollerskis to the specifications table, please take accurate measurements and provide photos of all measurements to

Nr.ManufacturerName, model (year)MaterialWheels (mm)Wheelbase (mm)Ground clearance (mm)Weight (g)Width (mm)Height (mm)Wheel compatibilityComments
1RollerskiSpeed (2002)Alu70x3060025?40,520,1NoneSpecific 7mm axle, 627 bearings.
2StartEleganceAlu100×265983550,620,5Swenor, SkiGo700mm in manufacturers website 😀
3IDTSkate (2018)Alu100x246153642242,322,3NoneMade in Norway. 640mm in manufacturers website.
4FischerRC7 Skate (2019)Alu100x246204039540,020,0None
5SwenorSkate LongAlu100x2462839840,020,0SkiGo, IDT?Made in Norway.
6SkiGoSkiGo Skate (2019)Alu100x2461539,845,020,4Swenor
7SkiGoNS Carbon (2020)Composite100x2460351340,518,7SwenorFrame weight may differ ±10g
8NordeexSnowFeel 610 (2021)Alu100x2461030,244,220,5IDTMade in France


  • Name, Model (year) – Name and model of rollerskis, year of production if available.
  • Material – frame material: Aluminium (Alu), Carbon, Composite.
  • Wheels (mm) – Wheels outer diameter and width, mm.
  • Wheelbase (mm) – wheelbase (axle-to-axle), mm.
  • Ground clearance (mm) – lowest point of frame (without applying weight), mm.
  • Weight (g) – weight of frame, including all screws, fenders (NF if no fenders), spacers but excluding wheels, bearings and bindings, g.
  • Wheel compatibility – ability to mount wheels from other rollerskis (without removing any bearings).
  • Width (mm) – frame width, mm.
  • Height (mm) – frame height, mm.

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